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We offer a wide range of services from routine cleanings to ZOOM bleaching, Botox and extreme makeovers, all using the latest gentle techniques and equipment to give you a stunning, healthy and youthful smile and appearance, without the pain and fear many people associate with traditional dental and cosmetic treatment.

Dr. Fredrik Andersson and his experienced professional staff have helped television personalities, celebrities, professional athletes and hundreds of other people and are ready to help you.

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Katherine Kingsley

Freddie is more than just a Dentist to me. He came into my life about ten years ago when I needed some dental treatment, having been introduced by a friend, and I have never looked back. I remember on one occasion coming to the surgery absolutely exhausted from a long Theatre run I was doing at the time. I was shattered, weak with hunger and in desperate need of some rest. Freddie saw what a state I was in. So he sat me down and cooked me some delicious chicken that he had in his fridge. All I needed was someone to take care of me and he recognised that and it helped enormously. I will never forget it. So, apart from being a brilliant Dentist, he is an even more brilliant human.

Leanne Best

I love Fredrick's work and his ethos. I really feel like he uses his creativity and skill, not to 'fix' you or cover up imperfections.. but to help you find your best authentic self. His dental work has made a dramatic difference to my confidence and I benefit from it every day. His practice is fun and inviting, his staff are wonderful, and Freddie himself is just the best! Who knew you could have fun at the dentist!

Kaisa Hammarlund

Fredrik is professionalism personified. Swedish efficiency and precision in a sleek London setting. You get the highest standard in a relaxed and welcoming environment. For someone who has always been petrified of going to the dentist, I now happily open wide! I have sent all my friends and even people I don't know to his surgery. You always know that you will get an honest opinion and the very best care. I couldn't recommend Fredrik and his team enough.

Reinhard Von Hardenberg

The best way to describe Dr. Andersson is , he is utmost professional, caring, loving and talent and competent in his field beyond pale. My story goes way back, of having experienced all kinds of dentists , the good the bad and the ugly and yes also the Not caring ones. This you won't find that at Dr Andersson's praxis. He is the antithesis of that. His skills and eye for perfection has surpassed all my expectations , for substantial work I had done ( crowns, veneering , shaping and aligning of teeth, as well as just general care of maintenance). I have now been a client of Dr Anderson for more than 15 years  . And I like to add, that my teeth are beautiful and are commented on , on many occasions and I love my smile . Reinhard von Hardenberg

Fraser James

Not everyone finds it an easy visit when going to the dentist. Some of us are carrying memories of awful visits to our dentists when we were young. Even now as a grown adult it’s hard to shake them off and so the moment you walk into reception the memories come flooding back. This was the conversation I had with Fredrick when I first visited him some fifteen years ago. He smiled a knowing smile and said “Don’t you worry I will take great care of you.

He has been true to his word. From that first visit to my most recent my trust in Fredrik has always been there. I trust him to deliver fantastic work. I trust his excellent pain management. I trust his advice. He makes me feel super calm, in what, let’s face it are pretty extraordinary circumstances. His work over the years have without question given my self-confidence a huge boost. I would never have thought when I met him all those years ago that I would actually look forward to dental work. But there we are! I simply cannot recommend his Fredriks Studio highly enough.

Fraser James

Rebi Merillion

I have been one of Dr. Fredrik Andersson's clients (patients?) for over 15 years.He is a very ​caring, ​approachable and professionaldentist and ​he and his dental ​nurse work really ​well together, you feel instantly at ease with them. I can't imagine seeing anyone else.​ I trust him with my dental treatment and that of my 4 children who have never had a fear of going to the dentist - thank you Fredrik, for the first class dental care you have given me and my family over the years.His attention to detail is exceptional - he's right to be proud of his work.He is ​possibly the best dentist ever, certainly the best in my opinion! It's hard not to be more personal because the truth is, I love you so much and I can't thank you enough for being such a great friend - and dentist, obvs!!You're one in a million Freddie, xxxxxxx


Fredrik is Fantastic! I am a dentist myself and as such I have high demands of dental treatment. Another dentist had tried to repair my chipped front teeth many years ago but it did not last very long so my expectations were not that high that this could even be achieved, but I thought I would let Fredrik have a go as he was very convincing that this is something he does for patients on a regular basis with great result and longevity. It is now 5 years since Fredrik built up my front teeth and they look as nice as the first day he did them. My own patients now give me compliments for my nice teeth! Fredrik is not “just” a dentist but also an Artist. He combines his wide competence and long experience with his artistic vein to create beautiful smiles from the patient’s individual desire. It is also such a pleasure to visit his beautful clinic. A luxurious but still inviting and relaxing atmosphere where you can rest assured that you get a good laugh along with it. I could warmly recommend Dr. Fredrik Andersson ❤️


Hi, Hope you're well. Just wanted to tell you that I went to my endodontist to check out that root canal you told me about and he was so impressed with my teeth. He said a dentist rarely compliments another mans work but you had left me with a perfect bite, and beautiful shaped teeth that just followed the natural lines. He was so impressed that he took your name and the pic of before and after. Hope you feel pleased with yourself 😘😘

Patrick Adichie

Dr Fredrik Andersson is nothing short of a dental artist and stylist rolled into one. From consultation to actual procedure I got the best advice and care. I double checked the advice with two other dentists and he was spot on and actually much better. This is a man who knows his craft and goes all out to give you exactly what you need. Very talented. And also a most personable individual. Very highly recommended. If in doubt just simply go for a consultation and you'll see.

Lisa Carroll

Dr Frederick is nothing short of genius when it comes to dental aesthetics. Can't recommend him enough. His surgery is beautiful and he is always so welcoming and friendly. Since having bonding my confidence has grown - thank you for giving me the perfect smile I dreamed of!! xx


Hi Fredrik, I now have a dentist in San Francisco. When he first saw the work that you did in my mouth, I think he thought they were some kind of pre-made veneers or maybe the material. When he took the XRays and figured out what you'd done, he absolutely GUSHED about the quality of the work. I have never heard someone praise another person's work so highly. He was absolutely excited. I just beamed with Pride that I had the benefit of having you as my dentist! All the Best!  Larry

Katie Rao

Thank you so much for always going the extra mile every time I see you. You're a truly selfless person who always goes above and beyond. You're an absolute ray of sunshine! Have a magical wknd loads of love 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘